Version: 2021 and Later


NOTE: This can only be done with the Windows printers listed not any of the internal printers that are added.

1. To access the listing of printers available within the software, go to File > Select Printer.

The Printer selection window will open. Any Printer name/listing without a printer icon to the right of the name is a Windows driver.

2. Select Hide/Show Printers on the right-hand side of the window.

3.  Select the printer from the listing on the right. Then click the single arrow (shown below) pointing to the left in order to add the printer to the list of Hidden printers.


Additionally, the double arrow button will Add all Windows printers to the Hidden Printer listing. 


This process can also be reversed if the Windows printer is selected from the Hidden Printers listing.

4. Click the single arrow (shown below) pointing to the right and the hidden printer will now be visible.


There is also the double arrow button that will take all hidden printers and return them to the Visible printers listing.

5. Once the single printer or all printers have been changed from visible to hidden (or vice versa), click OK.


As you can see below the printer that was chosen, Microsoft Print to PDF, is not showing up in the Printer listing page.


NOTE: If you check the box at the bottom of the printer listing for Show hidden printers, any of the printers that have been changed from Visible to Hidden will still display, but will be greyed out.