Product: All TEKLYNX Software

Version: 2015 and Newer



If, during install, your computer shuts down and you are getting a "Blue Screen" with the error "aksfridge.sys or aksdf.sys has failed" this is a problem with Windows 10 Version 2004.


1. We have found that the system files in question have become incompatible with the HASP Installer that our executables use.
The following link will take you to where you can update the HASP installer.
2. After you update the Installer you will have to go through the install again. 
3. If the installer prompts you to Repair, Remove, or Modify select Remove and continue with the removal of the software. After the software is fully uninstalled run the install file again. 
4. After this install the software should run without fail.
"Error Applying Transforms" message may appear.


If you require further assistance with this fix contact us at 414-837-4800.