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UCC/EAN-128 is a version of Code 128 that has been updated to meet EAN/UCC standards for encoding product information (date, batch number, serial number, etc.).

The overall structure of the code is as follows:

ST | F1 | DI | DATA | F1 | DI | DATA | CK | SP

D = start character
F1 = function 1 (FNC1)
DI = data identifier
CK = control key
F = stop character

If the start character is omitted, the code will be interpreted as beginning in the B character set. If the FNC1 character is omitted, it will be added automatically.

The function 1 character (FNC1)

This character is used to differentiate UCC/EAN-128 from Code 128.


Several identifiers and their data field can be concatenated into a single symbol.

Fixed-length fields can be associated without having to use field separators. In this case, the identifier of the second field comes immediately after the last character of the previous field.

Variable-length fields must be immediately followed by a field separator, unless it is the last field of the symbol. The FNC1 character serves as a field separator.